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Optimised Marketing Solutions

With over 10 years in the ever changing data world, we bring the expertise needed to improve your data experience, trim your costs and increase productivity and profits.

Our mantra is to be one of the leading data marketing agencies in the UK – talk to us to see how we can add instant benefits to your marketing.



Here at The Data Associates we are a firm believer of understanding your current client base is at the heart of trying to find some new clients. List data is at the core of our business and using lifestyle profiling and modelling against your current database and via suggestions from our experienced team. We are here to help you find the ideal demographic that would suit your product and help generate you some new business, Using the lifestyle records we own in house, consisting of landline, mobile and email records we can build you a database of prospects for you to be able to pitch your products too.

Integrity & compliance is at the heart of everything we do, our data is collected from our consumer lifestyle surveys and with strategic partners contributing to our data pool. All fully opt-in and continually verified and updated.


Our B2B universe consists of 4 million business records, all available with a senior DM contact, address and telephone number and 70% of the file comes with email. So whether your selling Belgian Buns or Belgian Blocks we shall have data that can potentially grow your client base.  Either working with you to supplement your existing database by updating/cleaning your file or simply putting together a targeted database for your own in house marketing we have the options to build a strong working relationship with you.

Search criteria we offer on Business data lists & B2B data includes:

  • Contact type – Telephone, E-mail, Postal, Mobile
  • Geography – Country, County, Town, Postcode, Driving distance from a fixed point
  • Company type – Industry/Vertical, SIC code
  • Company size – Turnover, company or site employees
  • Job title / buying responsibility
  • Specific Information – number of cars/vans in fleet, number of computers, number of mobile handsets, number of sites, new or struggling companies etc. Others on request.

As your data supplier we’ll work with you to understand your business, your strategy and your core objectives and provide relevant options to identify the best prospects for your requirements. Start by telling us what you’re aiming to achieve and we’ll send you clear information along with transparent pricing. We work with new business start-ups through to some of the largest corporations in the UK. They’ve all got something in common – they want to see their business grow, and we’re here to help that happen.


We can profile mobiles with SMS permissions to fit for all campaigns.

Making sure all our Data files and Data Pool is relevant and accurate is paramount to our business. Part of our regular data health check is to cross match our entire in-house files of non-TPS telephone records with electoral roll updates and the official register – to ensure complete accuracy and compliance of all our data records


We pride ourselves in  our “out of the box” data thinking. We have secured and continue to improve our Data offering by collating and offering niche files to market, to allow direct and high returning data to rapidly improve not only your Data experience, but more importanly your profit margins. These files range from specific B2B Files on energy and insurance to B2C files for financial, solar and other products. If you need something specific, we are the team to ask.


Sponsoring a lifestyle question on one of our on-line or telephone surveys is one of the best forms of identifying your ideal customer and contacting them before your competition does. By looking at your target audience and asking specific, Targeted questions we can generate accurate leads and prospects for you to dial.

Each campaign is set up specifically for each individual client we shall help you model the question to receive the best results for your business. We have worked hard to identify trustworthy and reliable survey centres and have built a network of partners who can deliver accurate leads for your business on a daily basis.

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